Project Description

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5M Aluminum Box Type Furnaces

CAPACITY: 50kg – 3.000kg

  • The crucible cheeks made of high-alloy cast aluminum allows the magnetic field to act on the mine in loss without loss.
  • It provides maximum heat gain thanks to the hydraulic furnace cover reinforced with fire concrete.
  • It provides gas suction with smoke ring fixed to the furnace.
  • Temperature tracking system.
  • Openable furnace front and back covers for easy intervention and maintenance.
  • Main body reinforced with steel construction.
  • Economical with the advantage of easy installation and commissioning.
  • Compatible with environmental conditions with fixed exhaust stove cover system.
  • It takes up little space with its compact structure, is easy to service and maintain.
  • Hydraulic valve to prevent furnace falling.
  • Hydraulically controlled ladle cover.


  • Low efficiency round and oval cross section conductors are not used in 5M Induction Systems.

  • Electrolytic copper profile material conductivity is selected as ≥58.

  • With special lining material, ≥18000 degrees heat resistance is provided.

  • Coil windings are protected with special heat resistant materials.

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  • Hydraulically driven furnace cover