Project Description

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  • No compensation board required.
  • Better at cos ø ≥ 98% at low powers.
  • Better than cos ø ≥ 99% at full power.
  • Industrial energy analysis automation.
  • Perfect coil protection system.
  • Operator panel in international languages.
  • Alert / information system via text message (SMS).
  • Automatic sintering without probe.
  • Automatic ladle preheating system.


IGBT Increasable Modular Technology (up to 5,000kW)

  • It is ready for the power increases that are needed in the future with the empty module slot presented on the system.
  • When required, it provides the flexibility to increase the capacity or production with different metals by operating 2 melting crucibles at full power at the same time with the ability to feed from different electrical sources.
  • With the addition of modules, maximum melting power is reached in one furnace by allowing power transfer between the furnaces.
  • When necessary, both furnaces can operate at different powers according to the total power of the modules they are connected to after the power increase.
  • With the power increase, all the power can be collected in a single furnace.


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IGBT MultiFlex – Multiple Power Setting Systems

  • At times when there is no need for Holding, production is made with maximum melting power in one furnace or shared melting power in different ranges in all furnaces (2 or 3 furnaces) by allowing proportional power transfer and sharing between the furnaces.
  • It prevents manufacturing losses. If one of the furnaces is out of production due to maintenance or service status, the other furnaces continues to operate.
  • Controls and operations are extremely easy with the new generation HMI interface touch control screen.
  • While one of the furnaces is in sinter, production continues with the other furnaces.


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IGBT Controlled Power Sharing Melting Systems (up to 5,000kW)

  • It provides economical melting power supply from single energy line or double energy line at the same time with dual operation possibility. At the same time, one furnace operates at full power, while the other furnace works in holding to prevent heat losses.
  • Fully controlled inlet rectifiers on IGBT power modules provides high safety.
  • In accordance with the capacity increase you may plan in the future, it provides up to 100% more production opportunity with only transformer power increase with independent rectifiers integrated in modules.
  • Easy operation with user friendly operating system and touch screen PLC interface.

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IGBT Mini Melting Systems

IGBT controlled melting systems from 1 kilogram to 50 kilograms suitable for working in the laboratory environment with the casting processes of precious and special metals.

  • Direct 380V input voltage
  • Takes up little space with its compact design
  • Reducer tilting system
  • Cooling can be achieved easily with mains water without the need for a special installation process.