Project Description

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5M IGBT Mini Heating Systems

CE approved, 100% domestic design and production:

  • Brazing and Welding Systems
  • Surface Hardening Systems
  • Tunnel Type Forging Induction Systems
  • Wrought Iron Heating Induction Systems
  • General Purposed Induction Systems
  • Variable and dual frequency special heating systems
  • Heating solutions for copper, bronze, iron, steel, stainless and special alloys
  • It is compatible with environmental conditions with fixed exhaust stove cover system.
  • 1, 2, 3 or 4 head heating solutions at different frequencies and powers simultaneously from one power unit

Induction heating is a non-contact metal heating technology. An electromagnetic field is created around a coil with alternating current flowing through it. The metal materials placed in this area, on the other hand, are heated by the effect of magnetic field depending on the type of the material. After the Curie point where the magnetism effect ends, the heating effect is provided by I2R losses.

5M The heating devices offered by 5M Induction Systems have the following features:

  • Operating frequency continuously monitors resonance for the highest generator efficiency and system durability.
  • All controls are controlled via touch color screen PLC unit.
  • There are overcurrent, missing phase, protection of output semiconductor materials, water winter cut and over temperature protections.
  • Latest generation IGBT technology is used in the output power circuit.
  • Adjusted and expended power are constantly monitored in real time with the appropriate PID algorithm.
  • It is easy to service with standardized electronic cards and circuit elements. There is no shortage of spare parts.
  • Easy to use with user friendly control software.
  • It is compatible with production line automations with optional external control connections.
  • Replacing the heating coil is straight forward. It can be easily done by the machine operator.