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5M Protection & Security Systems

5M Induction Systems, while producing solutions for the needs of foundry companies, is aware that safety and protection are not a slogan but a lifestyle. For this purpose, it has multi-dimensional protection and security systems in its systems through the concept of “first man, then machine”. In this context:

  • The starting point of the multi-dimensional protection and security systems design plan starts with the engineers and technicians who produce the device have the necessary occupational safety knowledge before the device itself. For this purpose, training and support are periodically received from specialized institutions.
  • The second phase of the 5M multi-dimensional protection and safety systems design plan is again about the awareness of the personnel who will use the device in the operation of the device itself before the manufactured device and the protection measures against the system. For this purpose, necessary documentation support is provided while providing the necessary training to the personnel of the enterprise that buys the device.
  • The third stage of the 5M multidimensional protection and security systems design plan is based on meeting the international security criteria of the produced system.


Fast inlet fuse and network protections for maximum security

  • Fast system protection fuses at the transformer output
  • Very fast semiconductor protection class fuses at the converter input
  • Thermal magnetic switch against overcurrent loads
  • Standard input overcurrent protection circuits
  • Standard input overvoltage protection circuits

Capacitor panel

  • Long power capacitors with professional capacitor protection measures
  • Fully isolated installation from soil
  • Analog temperature sensor on each capacitor
  • Pressure sensor for each capacitor
  • Total capacitor temperature information

Furnace back and side protection barrier

  • Protects staff against gaps when the furnace takes the casting position.

Early Warning System (Crucible Metal Leak Detector)

  • PLC controlled security software and application that protects the system against any earth leakage and thus provides full protection.

A class, water cooled energy cables

  • Braided multi-core power cable made of high purity copper conductor
  • Internal cooling water channel that facilitates the passage of water
  • Easy to disassemble, install and maintain, with well-mounted connection records
  • High insulation class ≥5000VAC
  • Class A carbonless insulating hose
  • Stable operation with high pressure coolant
  • Perfect sealing under high pressure with 2 or 3 stainless clamp elements on both connection ends.

Complete safety for the entire system

  • Operating temperature of all elements used in the system, especially thyristors and capacitors, is max. It does not exceed 600 degrees.
  • Since the parts and equipment used in the system comply with international safety standards, the risks that may arise from them are prevented.
  • Language-specific security labels and mimics where the system is used.

Protection & Security Systems