Project Description

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5M Steel Construction Furnaces

CAPACITY: 500kg – 30.000kg

  • High temperature resistant coil insulation piston ring
  • Design suitable for fast and safe loading / unloading
  • 5M designed water cooled magnetic shunts that prevents the induction current from dissipating
  • Maximum efficiency in intensive working conditions
  • Ease of service and maintenance with disassembled top cassette
  • Minimum sound level in heavy working environment
  • Long-life coil by means of water-cooled magnetic shunts surrounding the coil.vasıtası ile uzun ömürlü bobin
  • Water-cooled additional shields that complement the upper and lower spirits and a long-lasting primer
  • Cover design that prevents possible heat losses in molten metal
  • Hydraulic valve to prevent furnace falling.



  • Hydraulically driven furnace cover

  • Movable furnace cover and gas suction system that can be opened to the front and back.

  • Fixed exhaust gas intake system
  • Vibrating furnace loading car

  • Automatic lining forging system with vibration

  • Automatic liner removal system

  • Furnace weighing system

  • Back tilting system

  • Furnace back and side protection barrier


  • Low-efficiency round and oval cross-section conductors are not used in 5M induction systems.

  • Electrolytic copper profile material conductivity is selected as ≥58.

  • With its special lining material, ≥18000 degrees heat resistance is provided..
  • Coil windings are protected with special heat resistant materials.