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5M Thyristor Controlled Melting Systems


  • No compensation board required.
  • -Better at cos ø ≥ 98% at low powers.
  • Better than cos ø ≥ 99% at full power.
  • Industrial energy analysis automation. otomasyonu
  • Perfect coil protection system.
  • Operator panel in international languages.
  • Alert / information system via text message (SMS).
  • Automatic sintering without probe.
  • Automatic ladle preheating system.


Standard Melting Systems (up to 10,000kW)

  • It takes up little space thanks to its modern design and compact structure.
  • Thanks to the tidy and organized structure, both the installation costs of the system and the operation and maintenance costs are extremely economical.
  • Better than cos ø ≥ 99% at full power
  • Standard operator panel…
  • New generation electronic components


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Melting & Holding Systems (up to 15.000kW)

  • Developed for businesses targeting high capacity casting.
  • The difference from the standard melting units is that the desired power and holding capacity can be selected.
  • With just one touch, one of the furnaces takes the melting position, the other automatically holds – keeping it warm.
  • In case of power failure, the holding converter offers the opportunity to keep the molten metal warm in the furnace with a suitable generator.


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Dual Frequency Melting Systems (For Special Melting Processes)

While a melting furnace can operate at 2 different frequencies, 2 or more melting furnaces can operate at different power and frequencies by providing energy from a single power converter. They are in a separate class from the standard melting systems to be designed according to the customer’s needs. It was developed by 5M R&D engineers to prepare alloys of different characteristics.

CONFIGURATION EXAMPLE 1: At any time of the melting process in the existing 1 melting furnace, the operator can continue the melting process by applying one of the 2 different melting frequencies to the material in the furnace in just a few seconds. Frequency can be changed repeatedly if desired.

CONFIGURATION EXAMPLE 2: Each crucible in a 2 or 3 crucible melting system can be designed in a structure that will work at different frequencies and even at different strengths. For example; While crucible 1 is at 1000Hz working frequency, Crucible 2 can continue melting at 3000Hz working frequency.

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